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The rise of the hyper-relevant CMO

This study by Accenture is a pretty big one in terms of delivering the cold, hard facts that we might not want to hear.  Like, two in three CEOs don’t believe that their current marketing leads have the leadership skills or business acumen required for the role. That’s pretty galling. Of course, where there’s uncertainty and there are problems, there’s a hell of a lot of opportunity.

Cue Accenture’s insights, on the big ways CMOs can shake things up. Featuring ways some leading companies have taken risks that led to big rewards, and new job titles that marketers might come to rely on (like ‘experience designers’ to ‘futurologists and trend-setters’). While these titles might seem like the kind you cringe at on LinkedIn, there’s a lot of truth in the fact that marketing is changing – and fast. These insights give a great top-line business case for forgetting risks, and making real change. The core message of this piece? Change or be changed.

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