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The modern marketing mandate

According to IBM’s research, today’s C-suite suite recognise that market factors surpass technology as the most important external force impacting their businesses. That means CMOs have more power than they potentially have ever had to make fundamental business change. But that might also mean a change in what a CMO does and is. In more and more organisations, the role of the CMO is evolving into ‘Chief Experience Officer’.  As with all things, however, with this new title, comes new responsibilities.

CMOs need to contribute greater value and measurable results to prove their worth, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences and drive a customer-centric corporate culture shift across the enterprise. It’s no mean feat. Luckily this piece gives you a lot to think about, sharing important areas to action in your company (like new ways to demonstrate value and build customer-centricity) as well as some shorter-term fixes for today.

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